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Since 1988 DerprosaTM has been the leading brand in manufacturing and commercializing specialized laminating films for use in Graphic Arts. Since 2015 Derprosa has been part of the Taghleef Industries family.

Our raison d’être is all about being the best at designing and producing not only the most homogenous and stable films, but ones that stand out. They are used in the graphic sector to protect, embellish and enhance any printed paper product: book covers, business cards, perfume cardboard secondary packaging and jewelry cases, to name but a few applications.

We design and manufacture all types of film from start to finish. We take into account all the different printing systems used in the market, types of paper and ink, graphic projects as well as visual, aesthetic or specific market trends.

We carry out the entire process ourselves, from extrusion to commercialization. We design our films, choose and validate each raw material, each supplier and we have a plant in Spain which specializes in producing the most innovative reliable groundbreaking films on the market.

We are extremely sensitive to the concerns of brands when it comes to offering a product with a difference, something which allows them on the shelf to stand out against their competitors, giving them an added sales advantage. A large number of our most remarkable innovations, such as our patented DerprosaTM Soft Touch® or our recent DerprosaTM Sandy film, have been designed precisely with this objective in mind.

Initially only available in a gloss finish, laminating films were first used in Graphic Arts simply as a way of protecting the print. Gloss was also the first type of film produced by Derprosa, although we have since diversified and we currently have a wide range of films which have different qualities and traits that make them stand out. They can be adapted to any type of printing and laminating technology and they also provide optimal solutions for the most demanding aesthetic and behavioral requirements (anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, tactile, high-gloss, surface printability, high bonding of post lamination finishes, among many others).

Each film in our catalogue is described in both the North American section and the General section of our website. In our products menu below you can find specific information related to each film characteristic.

We trust that you will find the information you are looking for. At the end of this page, there is a form which you can fill in if you need any further information.