DL Soft Touch®,

Tactile finish

DL Soft Touch®
DL Soft Touch®

DerprosaTM DL Soft Touch® Original was the first film with tactile/haptic qualities in the graphic arts industry. Both the DL Soft Touch® brand and the product have been patented by Taghleef Industries SL.

There are a number of variations of DerprosaTM acabado  DL Soft Touch® finish, which vary depending on the type of adhesive used, the thickness of the film or whether it has anti-fingerprint properties or not.

Through a number of neuromarketing studies, it has been proven that packaging or editorial products laminated with DerprosaTM  DL Soft Touch® are chosen with more frequency (therefore increasing sales of those brands). As well as providing the products with higher premium sensations compared to equivalent films with a more traditional finish, consumers are also willing to pay a higher price for products which use this film.

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