Questions about products

Where are Derprosa films manufactured?

Most of the films are manufactured at the Taghleef Industries plant in Alcalá la Real, in Spain; although, for example, the Nativia range of films of natural and biodegradable origin are manufactured at the San Giorgio plant in Nogaro, Italy.

Are Derprosa films recyclable?

Derprosa BOPP films are bonded to paper to make the final graphic product. This final product, made of laminated cardboard or paper, is perfectly recyclable following the paper recycling processes. External laboratory certificates are available upon request.

Are there other marketing materials showing applications of Derprosa films? How can I get them?

Yes, there are other communication materials that are laminated with several of the Derprosa films and you can request those from us. Consult us through the form in this section and we will contact you.

Where or how can I get a Derprosa films current products catalogue?

Yes, we have a catalog of films that we distribute to clients, brand owners and graphic designers. Request your catalougue through the form in this section and we will contact you.

Other questions

Does the BacterStop property disappear or vanish if the laminated surface is regularly humid or being washed / cleaned?

No. BacterStop property will not deacay when washing or cleaning the film surface.

I am a graphic designer. Can Derprosa help me to check the result of a packaging or editorial project with different types of films, such as Soft Touch, Sandy or any other?

Yes. If you are a graphic designer, you have a new project and you would like to check the real result with different finishes (matte, glossy, anti-scratch, metallic, Soft Touch texture, sandy texture, etc ...) just let us know through this form and we will take care of everything and at no cost to you.

Is Derprosa BacterStop a substitute for regular cleaning?

No. BacterStop protects product surfaces between cleanings.

I am a printer or laminator. Can I request a sample to test some type of film?

Yes. Contact your area manager and request a test of any new film included in our portfolio.

Is Derprosa BacterStop effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

Yes. BacterStop has been proven to be effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

General questions

I need instructions for the use of a Derprosa film. How can I get them?

Please, request it to your area manager or through the form in this section or through the contact form you will find on each respective product's section. Please, do mention: "I request instructions for use". Anyway, be aware that once you place an order and it is confirmed by Derprosa, automatically you will receive the order confirmation document and, attached, all the needed instructions.

I need the TDS of one of hte Derprosa films within the portfolio. How can I get it?

The informative sheets are available on this web in each product's section and you can download it in .pdf format. If you need the technical data sheet, please request it to your area manager or through the form in this section or the one you will find in the section of the film in which you are interested. Please, do mention: "I request TDS"

What is the status of my order?

If you have placed an order with Derprosa, contact your Area Manager or contact person to find out its status. The delivery / lead time is always indicated in the "order confirmation" document that you will have received

Where or how can I buy Derprosa films?

We do not have an online shop. You can contact us by filling out any of our contact forms and we will contact you to give you all the purchasing options available.

Can Derprosa manufacture films with special characteristics according to specific specifications of a client? Does Derprosa manufacture taylor made films?

Yes, since we are manufacturers and carry out the entire process, we can study particular needs and develop ad hoc projects. Consult us through the form in this section and we will contact you.

We hope that you have found in our list of frequently asked questions the answer to that question you had. In any case, you have at your disposal the following form for you to consult us with any concern, related to any of the topics that are already covered in the section currently, or any other that is of interest to you. From Derprosa we will answer each query and gradually we will include new sections and we will expand the existing ones according to any new queries.


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