Code of Ethics

TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES, S.L. is a leading company in the manufacture of plastic films for packaging and lamination in graphic arts. Its products are a worldwide benchmark for manufacturers and consumers.

In order to comply with the commitments and obligations derived from its social responsibility in the business sector, TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES, S.L. has drawn up and undertakes full compliance with this Code of Ethics, which consists of the following:

  • The ethical principles that govern and inform on the company’s activity, its internal processes and its relations with third parties.
  • The criteria of conduct that order the actions and behaviour of the members of the company
  • The mechanisms for control and implementation of the criminal risk management and control model within the company.

This Code of Ethics is intended for each and every member of the Company: shareholders and board members, senior managers and employees. Likewise, it is aimed at and linked to representatives and associates, collaborators and, in general, all those whose interests are directly or indirectly involved in the company’s activity.

Scope of application extends to all international subsidiaries of TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES, S.L.

  • It is an unavoidable obligation for all the persons for whom it is intended to faithfully and loyally comply with each and every one of the guiding principles detailed below, as well as each and every one of the moral and legal obligations that bind them.
  • The recipients of this Code of Ethics must be aware of the serious consequences that may result from the violation of its principles and criteria of conduct and, therefore, they are personally obliged to inform the competent personnel, through the complaint channels available for such purpose, specified below, of any risk activity or breach of this Code.

If you want more information about this Code of Ethics, you can download this PDF.