Legal Notice

1. Objective

This Legal Notice regulates use of the TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. website, which is accessed by way of the address (from hereon the website). The website is the property of TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L., a mercantile company constituted by public deed issued on October 31th 2014 before the Notary Public Mrs. María-Pilar Viciana Ortiz de Galisteo, under number 675 of his protocol, duly registered on the Mercantile Register of Jaén in general section 498, sheet 78, inscription 28 with sheet J-8919 whose business address is Sefarard street 2 Bajo, 23007 (Jaén, Spain), this information being provided in compliance with the requirements of Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services. The website has been created in order to provide information on and allow general access to the various activities and services carried out by TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. for all Internet users in general, and especially for professionals involved in the energy, aeronautics and industrial sectors

Browsing through the website or use thereof in any manner brings with it the condition of user and implies full and unreserved acceptance of the present Legal Notice.

Through its website TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. provides its users with access to certain contents that are made available by DERPROSA, S.A. or by third-party providers of services and contents. The user voluntarily accepts that use of such contents takes place under his or her sole and exclusive responsibility.

TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time and without prior notice the presentation, configuration or content of the website and the present Legal Notice. Notification of these modifications shall be considered to have been validly provided as from the moment of publication on the website.

2. User’s obligations

Users of the website are obliged to use the contents thereof in a diligent, correct and licit manner, in accordance with the Law and the present Legal Notice. In particular, such users undertake not to use the contents for purposes contrary to the Law, moral standards or public order and not to reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access, transform or modify any type of content of the website unless they have express authorisation from TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L.–DERPROSA- on any support, be it physical or electronic, or express authorisation, where appropriate, from the legitimate owner of rights to the aforementioned contents, and shall be responsible for whatever of their conducts or activities might in any way be illicit or damaging to third-party rights or might hinder, prevent or limit the use of this website by other users.

The users likewise undertake not to use the design or source code of the pages of the website for purposes contrary to Law, moral standards or public order.

The users shall be liable for damages of any kind that TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- might suffer, directly or indirectly, as a result of non-compliance with the standards in force or with any of the obligations deriving from use of this website

3. Industrial and Intellectual Property

The dominions,,,,, and, as well as the corresponding third-level dominions, are the exclusive property of TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA-, duly registered on the Mercantile Registry of Madrid. Undue use of the said dominions for economic trading purposes would imply infringement of the rights conferred by registration thereof and any such infringement will be prosecuted in accordance with Law.

Unless otherwise expressly indicated, the content of the website, texts, photographs, designs, logotypes, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, computer programmes, source codes, browsing structure and design and, in general, any intellectual creation existing on this site, as well as the site itself overall as an artistic multimedia creation, are the property of TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA-

Also the property of TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- are the source code, design and browsing structure. TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- shall have exclusive rights to exploitation thereof in any form, and especially rights to reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation. All this material is protected by the legislation on intellectual property and its undue use may imply sanctions, even of a penal nature.

The user is expressly authorized by TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L.-DERPROSA- to view, print, copy or store on his or her hard disk or other physical support the protected intellectual creations and any other content or asset, covered or otherwise by exclusivity rights, except the computer programmes, as long as this is performed for the user’s personal and private purposes, without any commercial or distribution aims, and without modifying, altering or decompiling the aforementioned contents. This right to personal use is understood to be recognized as long as the requirements regarding copyright and industrial property rights laid out herein are fully adhered to and such right shall not constitute the granting of any license to the user.

Any other use of the intellectual creations or contents of this website shall require express written authorization by TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA-

The consultation or downloading of contents from the site or of any software shall not imply the awarding of any intellectual or industrial property right thereto.

The user of this website undertakes to live by the rights laid out herein and to avoid any act that might be damaging to them, and in all cases TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- reserves the right to exercise whatever legal actions or procedures might correspond to it in legitimate defense of its intellectual and industrial property rights.

4. Industrial and Intellectual Property of web collaborators

The ownership of copyrights regarding articles, theses, doctrinal works or other forms of collaboration with TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L.-DERPROSA- shall be to the authors. The broadcasting of such materials on this website is performed without any commercial interest by TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- under the conditions identified in the present Legal Notice.

5. Links

The function of the links that appear on this website is to lead the user to sites independent from Their sole purpose is to facilitate and promote access to other Internet information sources relating to the nuclear sector or of a general nature and relating thereto. Such links are provided without any commercial interest.

TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- accepts no responsibility for the contents to which access is gained via the aforementioned links, nor for any modifications made thereto, nor for whatever use is made of them or their technical availability, and does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements therein that might cause alterations to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), documents or files, all responsibility for whatever damage might be caused to the user in this respect being excluded.

Nevertheless, TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- undertakes to do everything within its power to prevent the existence on its website of links or sites containing illegal materials, promoting illicit or racist activities or that in general are contrary to the principles of human liberty and dignity or that infringe the values and rights recognized by the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. In the event that it were to have effective knowledge of the information referred to by any link being illicit, TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L.U -DERPROSA- undertakes to act with due diligence to remove or deactivate the said link.

In the event that the owner of any website were to estimate that a link established on this site negatively affected his or her rights in any way or implied the slightest damage for him/her, the said owner should communicate this via e-mail to the address:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or by any other means, and may rest assured that the link in question will be immediately removed or modified in a manner satisfactory to the interested party, without the need for subsequent arrangements or explanations by the latter.

6. Articles, theses or doctrinal works

TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- cannot guarantee the authorship or integrity of the articles, theses or doctrinal works broadcast through the different sections of its website set aside for this purpose. As a result, TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- accepts no responsibility for any possible infringements of copyrights corresponding to the legitimate owners of the works published; nevertheless, as soon as knowledge of any such infringements is available or the existence of any such infringement is suspected, it undertakes to do everything within its power to make repairs or minimize the damage.

7. Cookies

This website may use cookies. Cookies are small information files generated via instructions sent by Web servers to browsing programmes and kept in a specific directory in the user’s computer.

Use of such cookies shall be with the purpose of personalizing website pages and never to store data of a personal nature. You may configure your browser for it to reject cookies or notify you whenever a website attempts to introduce a cookie in the software of your browser. If you reject cookies, this may affect the capacity to use searches on our website.

8. Exemption of responsibility

Although TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- will attempt to offer the website users the most complete, useful and updated information possible, it does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, updating and operability of its contents and services and, therefore, expressly rejects any and all responsibility for whatever possible damages of any type might be suffered by the users as a result of using incomplete, inaccurate or non-updated data or of the possible suspension, cancellation or inoperability of the said contents and services.

Users should be aware that in any case the use of contents and services is made at the risk of the user and under his sole and exclusive responsibility.

TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- would be grateful for any type of suggestions, rectifications or comments that might contribute to preventing or repairing any type of incident or irregularity as quickly and efficiently as possible. Communications in this respect may be made by e-mail to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if the anomaly observed is of a technical nature.

9. Modification and termination of services

Although initially the duration of this site is indeterminate, TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the rendering of its services or contents, in part or in whole, at any time and without the need to provide any notice to the users thereof.

Likewise, TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- may at any time modify the conditions of use of this website.

10. Duration of the Legal Notice

The duration of the present Legal Notice is indefinite. Nevertheless, TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES S.L. -DERPROSA- may modify its content at any time, with a view to adapting it to future legislative or technical changes. Such modifications shall be considered to have been effectively made as of the moment of their publication on the website and shall be valid as from that moment.

11. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The present Legal Notice shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.

Any controversy arising in relation to this website or with respect to any matter included in the present Legal Notice shall be substantiated before the Spanish jurisdiction, and the parties shall accept the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Spain) and corresponding higher courts, expressly renouncing all others that they might have access to and that were different from those identified herein.

The simplest and most efficient way to request any clarification or present any complaint, suggestion or comment is via e-mail to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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