Complaints Channel

The COMPLAINTS CHANNEL is a communication channel that TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES, S.L.U., through Integratia SL, its Regulatory Compliance Officer, makes available to employees and collaborators to denounce behaviors that may be contrary to the Law or the Company’s Code of Ethics.

The use of this COMPLAINTS CHANNEL is absolutely CONFIDENTIAL and does not involve any retaliation on the part of the company. An acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint filed through this channel will be sent to the complainant.

Rights and guarantees granted to the complainant by the COMPLAINTS CHANNEL:

– Confidentiality of all persons involved in a communication, as well as of all actions carried out in its processing.

– Possibility of making the communication anonymously.

– Absence of reprisals against persons who communicate in good faith.

– Treatment of personal data in accordance with current regulations.

– Right to the presumption of innocence and defense of the person affected by the communication.

The complaint can be made by telephone, e-mail, telematic communication or face-to-face meeting. It is also possible to file a complaint with the Andalusian Office against Fraud and Corruption (, a public law entity, attached to the Parliament of Andalusia.

For more information and access to the COMPLAINTS CHANNEL, click on the following link: