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Derprosa was founded in 1988 and in 2014 they became the laminating films brand in graphic art applications of Taghleef industries. Taghleef industries (Ti) is one of the largest manufacturers worldwide of films used for packaging, labels, industrial applications and graphic arts.

1988. Derprosa Film SL is created as a spin-off of Grupo Condepols.

1988. The first production line is set up, with a nominal production capacity of 12,000 tones.

1988. The first meter of film is produced, DF100 (flat film).

1991. Production is started of what was at that time known as 'special films': the first polypropylene film for graphic arts. 

1993. The brand Derlfilm® is registered.

1994. The telesales department is created.

1995. Derprosa is awarded the ISO 9002 certificate.

1997. First website is created.

1997. Demand exceeds production for the first time.

1998. A second production line is set up, with a total nominal capacity of 18,000 tones.

1998. SAP R/3 management system is introduced, pioneering at the time in Spain for companies of their size.

1998. The call centre department is created.

1999. The first line of films for thermal lamination is launched.

1999. The Overseas department is created. Film started to be sold in the USA.

2000. Derprosa Film SL is acquired by British investment group 3i.

2001. A new coating line is launched.

2002. Metallization equipment is installed.

2003. Manufacturing and commercialization of specialized films using special coating techniques (PVDC, BTS, Acrylic, Metallization).

2004. Manufacturing and commercialization of new specialized polypropylene films (BOPP) with Acrylic Metalized and Anti-fog properties.

2005. Manufacturing and commercialization of new transparent and metalized polyester films (BOPET).

2006. Manufacturing and commercialization of metalized BOPET and BOPP films for thermal lamination.

2008. Manufacturing and commercialization of new specialized white films for low density labels.

2009. Manufacturing and commercialization of Soft Touch®, the first laminating film for graphic arts to have tactile qualities.

2011. Manufacturing and commercialization of films with anti-scratch properties and a special thermal adhesive for digital printing.

2012. Manufacturing and commercialization of printable metalized films with oxidative and UVI offset technology.

2013. Derprosa™ is awarded BRC certificate.

2013. Derprosa™ sets up in the USA under the name Derprosa™ Specialty Films LLC in order to continue consolidating their international expansion.

2014. Acquisition of Derprosa™ Film SL by Taghleef Industries, which allows them to continue growing and expanding as well as benefiting from synergy created by the numerous plants belonging to this group. Although their name changed to Taghleef Industries SL,  Derprosa™ was kept as their brand for Graphic Arts films.

2014. A new coating line is put in place.

2014. European patent awarded to DL Soft Touch®.

2015. Improvement of international distribution. At the end of the year DERPROSA™ operated 14 external warehouses: 4 in the USA (with advanced slitting capabilities which enabled the best possible adaptation of the product to each specific requirement), Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Rumania, China and Canada.

2016. A New investment in new technology for innovating in unique market products. The Distribution network is also increased with a new external warehouse in China.

2017. Improvement in adhesives with the launch of the gloss and matte PowerStick films along with a new Soft touch film with anti-fingerprint properties and the new PRO-SHIELD MATTE film, which is  resistant to scratches, abrasions and UV light.

2018. Development of the DERPROSA SANDY MATTE film, with new haptic properties.

2019. Development of new textures: Linen.

2020. Launch of Derprosa Nativia Gloss in wet lamination for graphic arts, an adaptation of the Nativia film, used in flexible packaging, from Taghleef Industries.

2020. New corporate identity, new website and new image for all their films. Re-release of films with antibacterial properties in answer to demand for high levels of hygiene due to the global sanitary crisis.

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