Thermal Digital & Offset,

Types of adhesives

Thermal Digital & Offset

High performance thermal / dry films: These films are specially designed for optimal adhesion to substrates which are printed using digital technology and digital inks. They have an adhesive or resin of a low melting point on their inner side. This enables the film to adhere to the paper substrate by applying heat and pressure using appropriate laminating equipment. The adhesive melts as it bonds to the substrate.

Films with digital adhesives are also particularly suitable for complex Offset jobs which use a large amount of pigment or ink. In these cases a conventional thermal  film would not have the required bonding strength.

Derprosa has two digital adhesive versions: DigiStick y PowerStick and several thicknesses. On each product’s section or pdf info sheet you can easily identify if they have either DigiStick or PowerStick versions available.

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