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DL Soft Touch®

Evolved version of our multi-awarded DL Soft Touch™ now with extra adhesion and post-laminating finishing compatibility

30E241 DL Soft Touch® Extrabond Thermal

Special features

  • Excellent haptic properties with balanced COF and the highest adhesion
  • Excellent bonding strength to printed media
  • Printable by Offset UV, traditional offset with fast-dry (oxidizing) inks and screen printing
  • Universal glueability
  • Excellent performance with high-demanding lamination equipment

Typical applications

  • Hard and soft book covers
  • Electronics packaging
  • Rigid boxes
  • Premium prints
  • Luxury folding cartons such as perfumes, spirits, jewelry, luxury bags, etc.
Specification Sheet

Important notice

The information provided above is based on Taghleef Industries S.L. conclusive tests and experience, which are indicative only and provided as guidelines.

They do not constitute a guarantee of any specific product attributes or the suitability of products for any specific use, purpose or application.

Thorough testing is recommended before running any lamination job.

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