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Derprosa by Taghleef Industries: proud sponsor of Pentawards

About Pentawards

Pentawards is the world’s leading and most prestigious competition for packaging design, founded in 2007.

Pentawards is committed to recognising excellence in design, providing a source of inspiration, and connecting the global packaging community through their annual competition, international conferences, digital events, and more.

With the competition now in its 15th year, it has received more than 20,000 entries from over 64 countries, with the winners showcasing some of the world’s most innovative, inspiring and powerful packaging designs.

Each year, packaging from around the world is judged by an international jury of highly respected designers, packaging design directors and marketing chiefs from major global brands.

By participating in the Pentawards, packaging designers, design students, brand owners and packaging producers have the opportunity to compare their creations to those from around the world.

Why has Derprosa decided to support Pentawards?

Basically, because both brands, Derprosa and Pentawards, support creativity, design, sustainability and the way brands interact with the audience, consumers, end users and people in general. Derprosa films exist because we can help brands to connect with people in the “physical” world.

Our laminating films are here to almost appear unnoticed, to not even be perceived by the final user but they can become a valuable aspect to be considered. They bring special properties to the premium secondary packaging, such as a concrete texture, resistance, clarity, antimicrobial protection, a shiny glossy effect or a smooth matte appearance. The end user will just enjoy the way the packaging feels, looks, performs and protects at the same time that they contribute to care about the environment. Later on, when the piece of packaging is discarded, it will end up in the paper recycling stream where the paper and the thin plastic film will be separated and treated appropriately.

That is our intention: help the packaging make “its magic” in the marketplace at the same time we keep the environment as safe and sound as possible.

To the huge international family of designers and brand owners, Derprosa and Taghleef Industries are still brands not that well known. And we felt like it is important for the packaging designer to know what possibilities are available so that they can better implement the packaging project they may imagine to the real world.

By selecting the right laminating film, a given piece of paper packaging will be able to stand out of the shelf and be perceived as unique and special, hence, it will have more chances to be chosen among other competitors in the same category.

During the past recent years, Taghleef Industries has deployed an intense program towards making our choices of films as more sustainable as possible. Now, we offer films made with PLA (fully biobased films) or PCR-PP (post-consumer recycled polypropylene). We also try to share our technical knowledge with designers and brands so that we together find better ways to “reDESIGN” traditional packaging so that their environmental impact can be reduced to the minimum while keeping all the needed and desired characteristics.

Find below more information about the recently released interview we did for Pentawards  (25/05/2021). We hope you enjoy it.

Pentawards interviewing Derprosa

Who is Derprosa and what’s your area of expertise?

Derprosa™ is a brand of Taghleef Industries which has been creating the most successful laminating films in the paper and packaging industries since 1988.

We specialize in manufacturing premium plastic films to be bonded to printed paper or cardboard to provide the secondary packaging with properties such as protection, barrier, safety, health protection, improved appearance, and haptics. By listening to brand owners, marketeers, graphic designers, printers, and print finishers and by observing societal trends, we envisage and develop unique laminating films.

Paper-made product packaging with Derprosa laminating films stand out visually, feel different to the touch, and result in a memorable and more pleasant consumer interaction. A few examples of such film are our patented Derprosa DL Soft Touch film, the first laminating film in the market with tactile properties, and the brand new Derprosa Sandy Matte , a smooth and grainy textured laminating film.

(Select Films Collection)

What are the latest trends in lamination?

Trends in lamination have a lot to do with trends in society. As such, these are:

  • Health : Lamination allows the piece of paper to have a homogeneous, continuous, non-porous protection with a barrier effect over its entire surface. In addition, in the case of Derprosa Antimicrobial films , protection against bacteria and viruses can be achieved, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes Covid-19 and the current pandemic.
  • Neuromarketing : What the customer feels when handling a piece of packaging or a book is part of the brand experience, and ultimately determines the purchase decision. Here, textures such as Derprosa DL Soft Touch or Sandy Matte play a decisive role, generating unique tactile sensations that connect directly with sensations of pleasure, exclusivity and luxury.
  • Environment: Society is increasingly aware of the sustainable use of natural resources and respect for nature. So are we. We have been reducing thicknesses in many of our films, eliminating oxodegradable films, incorporating recycled raw materials from post-consumer plastic (PCR-PP) and 100% bio-based (PLA) films.

Can you tell us more about why sustainability is important to you and sustainable options in lamination film?

Sustainability is core to Derprosa, and we continue to join the efforts towards a more circular economy. Solutions that support sustainability include our reLIFE™ range : laminating films made with post-consumer chemically recycled plastic, and our NATIVIA® range: laminating films that are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and made from 100% renewable resources.

Furthermore, laminated paper and cardboard secondary packaging, books, magazines, and commercial printing can also be recycled within the regular paper recycling stream, where the laminating film can be separated from the paper pulp without interference in the process.

(Laminating rolls)

(reLIFE range)

Can you share an example of projects you have recently worked on or are developing?

Our most recent innovation is the possibility of manufacturing films with chemically recycled raw material, whose origin is plastic material that has already been used and has been discarded.

This 100% recycled raw material is chemically identical to the fossil one’s origin, so the resulting films are identical and have the same performance as the traditional ones. reLIFE is the brand that encompasses this initiative within Taghleef Industries and, also, for Derprosa.

We also recently released our Select Films Collection , which showcases our collection of unique films such as the anti-scratch DL Pro-Shield® , DL Soft Touch® or Sandy textured films, the Antimicrobial range , as well as our new sustainable materials NATIVIA® (of 100% organic origin) and reLIFE™ (PP from recycled post-consumer PCR).

Do you work directly with designers and studios to showcase your products?

Yes, we are currently working with multiple graphic designers and studios to give access to and teach them about all the films we have on offer. This allows them to carry out tests and trials of their own design projects using our films, following our advice and coordination with our printing clients.

In this way, at no cost to the designer, they can see how the same packaging project can achieve very different results depending on the type of film chosen. It showcases how critical the lamination film is when building attractive and competitive packaging for a brand, whilst still focusing on the end user experience.

(Select Films Collection)

Why is picking the right type of lamination so important?

Laminating with a transparent film adds rigidity, strength, protection, and extends the life of the printed pieces with the intended look and feel. Lamination also enhances the appearance of the printing by deepening and brightening the ink colors and, in some cases, by bringing further qualities such as tactile properties, antimicrobial protection or scuff resistance. Opaque printable films are also available: White DL Soft Touch, Black DL Soft Touch and metallized silver and gold.

Picking the right type of laminating film is so important because it will determine the final appearance and performance of the product: a beautiful cardboard secondary piece of packaging containing a super-premium perfume or spirit, for example.

The film itself is a thin protective layer of a few microns thick, but it can be the most determining element when it comes to adequately transferring all the design and differentiation that the brand requires for its packaging to the final consumer. Hence, Derprosa has always innovated by offering films with anti-scratch qualities or with textures such as DL Soft Touch or Sandy Matte.

It is also essential to bear in mind that the technical precision of the film itself is crucial for the result to be optimal: there should be no problems in the press, neither with adherence, nor with variations in thickness or tonality, nor with the homogeneity of all variables. This is decisive and the precision of Derprosa films on a technical level is one of our main guarantees.

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