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Derprosa Select Films Collection

When we think of a gift, familiar images that come to mind are wrapping paper and a box. A wrapped gift can evoke the feeling of surprise as we imagine the precious treasure held within.  The wrapping and the box awaken a sense of wonder and curiosity about the asset inside and can transport us in an experience that the brand has designed for its product.

The box itself—the packaging or secondary packaging of perfumes, scents, cosmetics, premium beverages, consumer electronics—is one of the main applications for which Derprosa lamination films are used to create that experience.

What was originally intended as a practical need to protect the print, add gloss to the surface, and prevent the deterioration of the paper fiber by erosion or friction, ends up becoming much, much more and enhancing the consumer experience.

Derprosa , a Taghleef Industries brand, has developed films with unique finishes such as matte, semi-matte, or metallized. These lamination films also feature added benefits such as DL Pro-Shield® anti-scratch protection or textures and tactile qualities such as DL Soft Touch® or Sandy. In addition, we have launched new sustainable materials such as NATIVIA® (of 100% organic origin) and reLIFE™ (PP from recycled post-consumer PCR), as well as products that promote health and safety with our Antimicrobial range (antibacterial and antivirus).

To show what nine of the main films in our catalog look like in real packaging applications, we have created this premium case called Derprosa Select Films Collection.  The case contains nine folding boxes, each one graphically designed according to the film type, and each one laminated with that particular film.

The dimensions of the main case are 23.5cm x23.5cm x 8.5cm and it has been produced using 3mm gray cardboard laminated to a 170 g/ 2 NeoStar matte coating printed in CMYK offset. For the lamination of this piece we have chosen our latest tactile innovation, Derprosa Sandy Matte, which provides a rough, grainy, homogeneous and consistent feel.  At the touch it feels soft and a little rough at the same time, evoking sensations of wood, earth, and sand. It is also a very matte film that has great transparency, which is why this project achieves excellent visual clarity in the gray tones of the print and the black texts. When handling the box, you can feel its compactness, which is mainly a result of the texture of the laminating film used.

For the production of the nine folding boxes inside the case, a 300 g/m2 Fedrigoni Symbol Card graphic card was used, printed in CMYK offset and then laminated with each of the following films:

Derprosa Soft touch Prestige
Derprosa Sandy Matte
Derprosa Gloss Nativia
Derprosa Silver Endurance –  being an opaque film, the printing is applied to the film itself.
Derprosa Matte Premier reLIFE
Derprosa Gloss Antimicrobial
Derprosa Gloss Premier reLIFE
Derprosa Gloss Pro-Shield
Derprosa HD Linen Pro-Shield

As a final touch, we applied a 3D screen printing varnish to show off some of the graphic elements of the design, such as the stylized D of our logo.

Each box has a QR code that links to our website for that particular film for easy access to the most up-to-date information. In addition, each box has a color scale at its base that allows you to check how each type of film causes different effects and nuances based on a common design for all the boxes, allowing you to appreciate the excellent contact transparency or contrast enhancement of colors.

Derprosa Select Films Collection is our own gift box to you—the professionals who work in design, printing, and the world of premium packaging. Derprosa Select Films Collection will have new editions and with each new release, we will continue to share real examples you can touch and see with the latest developments in protection, enhancement, differentiation and sustainability applied to the most exclusive secondary packaging.

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