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Thank you Luxe Pack 2021!

After more than a year in which, like almost all of us, we have had to minimize physical meetings and the organization of events, finally, in 2021 we have participated in two of the most important international fairs in the world of packaging design: Luxe Pack New Monaco and Luxe Pack New York.

Luxe Pack is a type of fair where brands, packaging designers and manufacturers meet, so it is the ideal occasion to learn about the latest trends and needs in the sector, as well as to contrast, precisely, in what sense, Derprosa as manufacturer of paper laminating film, is aligned with those needs.

Increasingly, sustainability is becoming the central topic of most proposals. Society demands sustainability and so do brands, that’s why sustainability becomes a fundamental aspect for the entire packaging industry.

Sustainability must also be understood, and this was proven at both fairs, as the best use that can be given to all the available materials, such as the carbon footprint that one type of material use or another implies. , cost and quality ratio compared to other alternatives

In the secondary packaging sector, the category of boxes and cases is very sensitive to differentiation, perceived quality and exclusivity. This packaging is the main point of contact between the brand and the consumer of premium beverages, perfumes, personal care and beauty items, premium electronics and jewelry and, in most cases, It is decisive both for the purchase decision and to achieve an exclusive and quality effect in the user experience, especially on the first occasion (Wow effect!)

We have once again verified that the trend is towards a rationalization in the use of resources, so that in the design of the packaging, above all, the most efficient available options will be taken into account to achieve the desired result. Lamination films will continue to be used, as they are essential to protect the print, reinforce the cardboard structure, avoid damage, provide unique premium finishes (gloss, matte, Soft Touch / Sandy) and allow recyclability of the packaging within the usual paper stream. In addition, since options with recycled or plant-based raw materials have already been developed, this also adds a plus to the already known advantages.

Rationalization is also gaining strength, as designers and brands tell us, in the sense of recognizing that plastic materials are not the problem in themselves, but the use they are given once they have fulfilled their mission. Sometimes the alternatives to a laminated packaging are less sustainable and more expensive, in economic and environmental terms.

Luxe Pack Monaco 2021
Luxe Pack New York 2021

It has been a very gratifying experience for all of us to be able to see friends, clients, brands and designers again, with whom we have shared and learned a lot. Once again, thanks to all who have dedicated part of their time to visit ours boths in Monaco and New York! See you soon!