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Introducing Derprosa Leather. Two impressive brand new films, with real-like leather look and feel.

What do Derprosa, a dinosaur, an elephant and a crocodile have in common?

Well, “leather” is what they have in common…

We are so pleased to be launching Gloss Striking Leather & Matte Smooth Leather,  our two new premium textures from Derprosa.  

And they are not just any two lamination films.

We are talking about a new range of films that convey a visual and tactile effect very similar to those of the finest and most exclusive leather used in handbags, coats, bindings and cases, upholstery, etc.

It is not only the drawing, the pattern, but also a slight rubberiness to the touch that immediately provokes a perception of a premium product in the mind of those who handle a packaging or editorial product laminated with either of these two films.

In addition, the transparency on contact is exceptional, allowing this texture to be applied over any color or printed design, without losing sharpness and, hence, transforming any background, no matter how colorful, into a design made with leather (almost!)

The surface of these films is compatible with most post-lamination finishes and has exceptional resistance to scratches, abrasion, and fingerprints.

And as if all this were not enough, for specific projects where sustainability is a key factor, both films are also available in versions made from resins derived from chemically recycled post-consumer plastic or recycled food-grade vegetable oils (ISCC PLUS certified).

You just need to ask!

We are convinced that Derprosa Gloss Striking Leather y Derprosa Matte Smooth Leather are the great complement to the Derprosa texture range, along with all our multiple versions of Derprosa DL Soft Touch® and the rough but subtle touch of Derprosa Sandy Matte.

Both versions share pattern and surface tactile qualities. They differ in the base finish, one being matte and the other glossy.

This differentiation generates quite different results, allowing for great versatility when applied in projects that seek unique nuances. For example, a rigid or folding carton box to accompany a premium watch could generate more engagement with the matte version while the cover of a book of a classic title could generate more impact with the gloss version…

If you want to know more about these new films, you are a printer and want to try it or you work in packaging design for a brand and want to know how it would look on one of your products, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can do so through the short form at the bottom of either of these two pages:

I want to know more, or samples, of Derprosa Gloss Striking Leather

I want to know more, or samples, of Derprosa Matte Smooth Leather


Regarding the dinosaur, the elephant and the crocodile, from Derprosa we would like to emphasize that no animal has been used or harmed for the development of this film or its promotional elements. 😊

We simply thought it would be useful to use images of these animals to help explain and better convey the properties and uniqueness of these films.