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Derprosa™ DL Soft Touch®, by Taghleef Industries SL

Derprosa™ DL Soft Touch®: a disruptive, innovative and a class of its own paper and cardboard laminating. Invented, patented and manufactured by Taghleef Industries SL.

Before becoming part of Taghleef industries, DerprosaTM developed an original film for laminating paper, which was very transparent, had a matte finish, and a peculiar feel; almost velvety and rubbery. It was the beginning of a revolution in all areas of the graphic arts sector: graphic finishing, the world of printing on paper and the presentation of products made from paper, like boxes, book covers, commercial advertising and business stationery.

In 2009 Derprosa DL Soft Touch® was commercialized for the first time: it was the first lamination film for paper used in the world of graphic arts which had tactile qualities. It would also subsequently be used for labels and flexible packaging. DL Soft Touch® has been registered as a brand by Taghleef industries as well as the patent of the film.

The commercial history of Derprosa DL Soft Touch® has been extremely successful because it is an eye-catching film, different to others, which not only protects but also beautifies products. The biggest names around the world in cosmetics, personal care and premium drinks have made Derprosa DL Soft Touch® their lamination film of choice for much of their secondary packaging, that which is in direct contact with the customer and the final user. This is also true for the most well-known publishing companies, who have chosen Derprosa DL Soft Touch® to laminate the covers and dust jackets of their leading works and most important releases or select projects.

For all these companies their choice (or “choosing Derprosa DL Soft Touch®”) came down to the tactile quality of the film along with the premium matte finish. Not only does the original color or the contrast of the printing remain entirely unaltered, it also has an exceptional level of transparency, which isn’t common in films of a matte finish. Besides, there is a another vitally important aspect which has been crucial to the success of this film: its homogeneity. None of these characteristics would have been of any value had they not been homogeneous and constant throughout the entire roll, or different rolls of a same lot or different lots from different productions. An extremely important variable, Derprosa has always paid special attention to the homogeneity and reliability of the films which they develop and produce. Derprosa DL Soft Touch® was and is always going to be of an equally high standard.

As already mentioned, the history of Derprosa DL Soft Touch® is full of success stories and, without a doubt, the greatest one is that other film manufacturers have tried to imitate it, to such an extent that the term Soft Touch is widely used in the sector to refer to a category of products, when in reality it is a registered brand and a patent belonging to Taghleef industries.

Well-known brands need to stand out and differentiate themselves from the rest, make an impact and captivate, be chosen and surpass the expectations of their customers. With Derprosa DL Soft Touch® we were able to show, through a number of independent Neuromarketing studies, that consumers would finally choose a laminated graphic product which used Derprosa DL Soft Touch® over other similar ones with a different film or not laminated at all. The reasons for this were more subconscious than logical or based on fact. Its pleasant feel and the excellent transparency of the film, which also enhances the color contrast of the print, make buyers feel ‘happier’ to choose and use a product laminated with Derprosa DL Soft Touch®, even if they do not know exactly why.

The Derprosa DL Soft Touch® family has grown during the last few years, adding new versions which adapt better to numerous ways of working and the different types of technical equipment used by our direct clients, printers and trade finishers. We have also added new characteristics, such as anti-fingerprint properties, special versions for digital printing or a new one manufactured with 50% post consumer chemically recycled raw material. Undoubtedly, we have the Derprosa DL Soft Touch® which best adapts to every requirement and we have the experience of the inventor of the product, who has enabled its development up to present day. Don’t hesitate to make an enquiry, we will advise you in any way you need.