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Derprosa by Taghleef Industries: proud sponsor of ADG – FAD

ADG is the Association of Art Designers and Graphic Designers integrated within FAD. FAD is the institution for the Promotion of Arts and Design, a non-profit association formed by professionals and companies that, since 1903, has promoted the culture of arts and design in social, cultural and economic life.

ADG-FAD is the forum in which the main graphic designers in Spain interact with each other, exchange information, collaborate and where the most current trends in both, design and materials, are reflected.

During its long history, different industrial companies linked to the world of printing and printed communication have collaborated with the association, from equipment manufacturers to supplies such as inks or paper. This collaboration has always had to do with the know how that these industrial companies had to contribute to designers, and how designers could share needs and concerns with collaborating companies so they could take these needs into account to design or improve your products. It is all about synergies, where everyone contributes and everyone wins, and whose end result is always a benefit for the consumer, for the en user.

This is the philosophy that has guided the collaboration between ADG-FAD and Derprosa by Taghleef Industries that begins in 2021.

On the one hand, the graphic designer receives little or no information during the training about the advantages and possibilities that the lamination of printed paper can offer to the project for a higher performance. Aspects such as protection against scratches and damage, enhancing colors and design, increasing shelf life, providing additional sensory qualities such as touch, achieving homogeneity in all products in a series, avoiding fingerprints or handling marks, protecting against contagion It is essential to take them into consideration when carrying out a packaging project. And, on the other, much less does it acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to form a critical opinion about when to use a lamination and when not, or what sustainable options exist today and the range of sustainability.

Therefore, we, as the leading manufacturers of innovation for paper and cardboard lamination, inventors of the DL Soft Touch finishing, have not traditionally been related with graphic designers, as our direct customer is typically a printing company,. Printers and converters who normally buy those films that are demanded and, only some collaborate in the work of disseminating information to designers and brands, their clients.

Collaborating with ADG-FAD aims to create a bridge and direct communication that allows knowledge and collaboration to flow, that designers have more tools and can make better decisions, and that we can evolve our products and processes, to respond to the real needs that the world of design and society demand.

Taghleef Industries is taking measures to position itself ever closer to these needs, manufacturing films that are increasingly sustainable in their raw material (PLA, PC-R PP or Bio PP), mono-material structures, collaborations to offer more sustainable alternatives to traditional products that are not (reDESIGN initiative) and optimizing manufacturing processes that result in a lower global carbon footprint. Through ADG-FAD we will be able to put all our potential and capabilities at the disposal of those who decide about the packaging that all of us, as consumers, want to find in the products we buy and consume.