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A new Derprosa™ DL Soft Touch® film, resistant to fingerprints and scratch marks? Yes, it’s quite an 4×4

Most likely, it is the most complete DL Soft Touch® ever…

It has almost everything and is probably the film that most customers have asked us for.

We have been working on it for a long time. We have been close to achieving it several times. And, finally, it’s here; we now have it and you and your customers can enjoy it.

Derprosa by Taghleef Industries, finally launches its new Derprosa DL Soft Touch Pro-Shield 4×4.

This is a new version of our well-known DL Soft Touch, to which we have added the anti-fingerprint property of Smudge Resistant and the anti-scratch protection of the DL Pro-Shield range.

That is why we have given it the name “4×4”, because it is our “all-terrain” DL Soft Touch film.

Many customers and brands have told us that it would be very interesting for them to have a DL Soft Touch that was super tough and could withstand both fingerprints and scratches well, while maintaining good contact transparency and the incomparable tactile touch of our DL Soft Touch.

It is not easy to combine all these requirements on a single surface and, in addition, once on the final product (box, case, book cover) the result is aesthetically impeccable and with the feel expected of DL Soft Touch from the company that invented Soft Touch.

Many people think that the reason why a film must be anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch has to do with the handling of the final product on the sales shelf. But that is only one side of the story, really.

Obviously, when it comes to a premium box or a special book, and both have for example dark-toned designs or backgrounds, when laminated with a DL Soft Touch textured film, fingerprints could be marked during handling and, if there is friction with other elements, as in the case of books on shelves or in stacks in bookstores, these could cause scratches.

The other important variable has to do with the manufacturing process in the printing plant and the subsequent logistics of the finished product.

Handling occurs at both stages and friction can occur at both stages too.

To help avoid problems such as unwanted fingerprints or scratches/abrasions on paperboard products that are intended to be premium and on which brands pay a lot of attention, we have designed this new film.

Derprosa DL Soft Touch Pro-Shield 4×4 can take it all!

You can request more information, samples for testing or marketing material by filling out the form at the end of the product’s page by clicking here.
Derprosa DL Soft Touch Pro-Shield 4×4