The Unique Challenges of Perfume Packaging Design


Although the ultimate goal of all product packaging is the same – to sell the product inside – perfume packaging must be able to define its product more powerfully than any other type of product. A fragrance’s packaging is an opportunity to tell its story and provide an immersive experience for the consumer, and this is out of necessity. Perfume packaging must evoke the indescribable; most people aren’t able to describe complex smells like perfumes in any meaningful way, so we use packaging as a reference point that we are better able to comprehend. Anyone who believes that a fragrance’s package design is of negligible importance hasn’t been in the industry long enough to appreciate the nuances of this outer layer and how they establish a connection with consumers.

Most shoppers buy a perfume primarily because of the way it smells, but the premium packaging sends countless subconscious cues that influence their decision as well. Some people even report buying fragrance based on the packaging alone.

This is why brands with years of experience in fashion and fragrance invest so much time, effort and money into designing the perfect fragrance bottle and the perfect box to put it in. Perfume packaging has the daunting task of communicating dozens of messages to the consumer, simultaneously and in the blink of an eye. Packaging fragrances in a way that effectively conveys information about the scent experience, the designer whose name is on the fragrance, how it is distinguished from the rest of that designer’s fragrance line, and a feeling of luxury and exclusivity is no easy feat.

Polypropylene films in premium packaging for fragrances

New advances in materials and printing technology have opened up a new realm of design opportunities for packaging fragrances, and bi-axially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP) are at the forefront of those advances. Once seen as purely utilitarian in nature, these films are now widely used in the graphic arts and premium packaging design because of their unique combination of beauty and protection. In addition to providing added resistance against scratching, scuffing, and damage caused by moisture, oils and chemical solvents, BOPP films offer superior optical transparency or richly opaque colors, all with a variety of finishes and visual and tactile effects.

As the first thing a shopper sees, a fragrance box must be able to connect with its target customer while reflecting the standards of the brand or designer and exuding a premium level of quality – without this, shoppers are far less likely to spend hundreds of dollars per ounce on an inessential product. The many finishes and effects available with Derprosa’s luxury polypropylene films, combined with the talent of perfume packaging designers and excellent printing techniques, can help your brand achieve this lofty goal.

A variety of finishes and effects for multi-sensory premium packaging

The sky’s the limit when it comes to design choices for fragrance packaging and the BOPP films that will enhance them. Your first priority is to communicate your brand’s values and quality in your packaging, regardless of current trends; however, what seems to be highly successful lately are: high-end luxury and metallic effects.

Any of Derprosa’s premium BOPP films, combined with the right design aesthetic, can convey a sense of luxury. Some brands will feel that a high gloss finish is most appropriate for their perfume packaging, while others will prefer a matte or satin effect. In case your packaging design requires it, each of these premium finishes is available in a version that is glueable, stampable and printable. For an extra luxurious touch, our SoFT TOUcH line of films has a rich, extra matte finish with a unique soft tactile experience.

Metallic effects can of course be achieved through UV screen printing with metallic inks or through hot stamping; however, several of our metallized polypropylene films provide various metallic effects without the need for metallic inks. The Elegance Luminescence film, for example, provides a metallic/holographic/pearlescent effect even using standard inks. The Elegance Silver creates a mirror effect, and a similar effect is achieved with the Gold Gloss from the same product line. Silver Matte creates a very interesting metallic-holographic effect when printed on, and also is resistant to fingerprints. If your fragrance packaging design calls for it, solid metallic blue and metallic red are also available – glueable, stampable, and printable, just like all of Derprosa’s metallized films.