Of the myriad product packaging supplies available on the market today, bi-axially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP films) have become one of the most popular, especially among premium and luxury brands whose customers expect every detail to be attended to.

These companies know that the right luxury packaging is necessary to capture the attention of potential customers and to build a brand identity that is associated with premium quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Internationally prestigious brands invest a great deal of time and money into designing the perfect packaging for their product, from the shape to typography, graphic arts and color scheme. Laminating these meticulously crafted designs with low quality product packaging supplies can yield results that look and feel cheaply made.

That’s why Derprosa is committed to providing a wide variety of premium quality BOPP films for use in luxury packaging of high-end and designer products. These films complement and even enhance the original packaging design; customers won’t realize a film has been used, but they will notice the high-quality multi-sensory experience that a premium polypropylene film provides. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that your products and their packaging are more resistant to damage due to moisture, odors, rough handling, and chemical solvents.

The potential applications of polypropylene films in luxury packaging are essentially limitless; however, the most common uses for these products are: luxury bags, fragrance packaging, premium beverage boxes, and books and other print media.

BOPP film overlay for luxury bags

Mid-range department and mass market retailers might be content to use shopping bags made of plastic, unfinished paper or paper with cheap lamination, but designer brands know that quality is demonstrated in small details like these. That’s why high-end retailers offer luxury bags for customers to carry their purchases home in; this not only makes customers feel pampered, but advertises your brand and its quality to other potential customers. There are many film options for luxury bags, with scratch resistant, Luminescence SoFT TOUcH finishes being particularly appropriate for this application.

luxury bags

Polypropylene films in fragrance packaging

Marketing and brand image is extremely important in the fragrance industry, perhaps more so than in any other. Fragrance packaging and advertising also has the unique challenge of having to communicate one sensory experience (olfactory) exclusively through the use of the other senses. With the amount of work that goes into designing the perfect fragrance bottle and package artwork, why would you use anything less than the highest quality film to finish off the perfume packaging? Films with visual interest, such as metallized films or pearlescent finishes can help set the tone for men’s and women’s fragrances.


Premium beverage packaging with BOPP films

Producers of wine and spirits know that, except for established brand-loyal consumers, many people choose brands based solely on the price point and the packaging design. Most potential customers already have an idea of the amount of money they want to spend on a bottle of wine, champagne or spirits when they enter the store, but premium packaging design is what will set your brand apart from others in the same price point. A very popular use for Derprosa’s luxury films in the fine beverage industry is for cylinder packaging for bottles and premium beverage boxes. Depending on your brand image and the message you want to communicate to consumers, you may choose to stay traditional with a gloss, satin or matte transparent film, or go for a multi-sensory feeling of luxury with a rich, extra matte in gold or black that comes with a velvety tactile sensation in our SoFT TOUcH films.

premium berverage boxes

Books, book covers and print media lamination

The cover of a book, magazine or other print media must be informative, artistic and engaging for potential readers; without an impactful cover to catch their eye, your potential consumers won’t even know your book or magazine exists. Low quality lamination on print media can detract from the original artwork by interfering with color intensity and causing a distracting glare, which is why it’s essential to use premium quality polypropylene films for books and magazines. These films allow your cover art to shine through, with the option of adding special visual and even tactile effects, including metallic finishes, mirror effect, pearlescent effect, holographic effect, scratch resistance and a luxurious SoFT TOUcH finish.