Graphic arts on polypropylene films via offset printing

In offset printing, the image is burned onto a printing plate or film which transfers the image to a rubber blanket roll, which then in turn transfers the image to the polypropylene film to be printed. CYMK colors are used in offset printing, meaning a separate plate is required for each color used in a print. The overall process of offset printing is more efficient for large volume prints, making it the printing method of choice for many companies. Image quality tends to be better for complex graphic arts and particularly solid colors; however, the initial setup is laborious for small batch prints and it can be difficult to match colors that don’t have a CYMK equivalent.

Derprosa offers a wide variety of polypropylene films that can achieve excellent print quality through the offset printing method. For a classic transparent film with a glossy, satin or matte finish, the GSP Gloss and Anti-Scratch Silky and Matte (offset oxidative or UV) provide superior protection thanks to their scratch resistant properties. If you prefer a clean white background for printing, Elegance White (offset oxidative) offers a premium white with excellent opacity that, when printed on, has an effect similar to paper.

All of Derprosa’s metallized films are printable by offset printing, including the metallic blue and red from the Elegance line and the mirror effect Elegance Silver (offset oxidative). The Silver Matte and Luminescence films (offset oxidative or UV) provide an interesting metallic-holographic effect when printed, even using non-metallic inks.

For BOPP films that convey a feeling of high end luxury, printable gold films are available in gloss for a gold mirror-like effect (offset oxidative) or SoFT TOUcH, an extra matte finish with a unique soft feel. Printable SoFT TOUcH polypropylene films are also available in black and matte (offset oxidative or UV).