Discover Derprosa’s range of high-performance BOPP films

Biaxially-oriented polypropylene, or BOPP for short, has become one of the most desirable materials in graphic arts and packaging design in recent years. The material has many unique benefits for use in lamination, but it wasn’t until very recently that its versatility and utility have been fully appreciated thanks to advanced technology and innovation.

Thanks to tireless research and a commitment to quality and innovation in our industry, Derprosa has managed to harness the unique advantages of BOPP films and introduce new properties. The result is several different lines of lamination films, all of superior quality and with unique features that make them ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Why use BOPP films in packaging design?

Polypropylene has been widely used in lamination and other packaging applications due to its resistance against damage from moisture, oils, odors, scratches and scuffs. An improvement on the original, biaxial orientation of the polymer resulted in BOPP film, which retains the protective properties of polypropylene while also boasting superior optical clarity. This has made it a suitable and desirable material for use in the lamination of graphic arts and high-end packaging design, allowing the design to shine through in ways that were once not possible.

Discover Derprosa’s diverse range of BOPP films

But at Derprosa, our commitment to innovation is never-ending. We weren’t content to settle for an ordinary BOPP film, even if its strength and optical properties were unmatched. Realizing the many potential applications of this material, we have worked to design a diverse range of films with special features ranging from purely utilitarian to extravagantly aesthetic.

Anti-Scratch range

Superior resistance to scuffs and scratches. While all of our BOPP lamination films offer protection against mechanical damage, our Anti-Scratch range offers unbeatable strength in two beautiful finishes, making it suitable for packaging virtually any product.


  • Anti-Scratch Matte
  • Anti-Scratch Silky Matte
  • Digi-Stick Anti-Scratch Matte
  • Digi-Stick Anti-Scratch Silky Matte

BacterStop range

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that come into contact with the film surface. The antibacterial properties of our BacterStop range of lamination films make it uniquely suited to applications in the medical field, personal care product packaging, food service, childcare, etc. Available in a high-quality matte finish, this BOPP film is the first of its kind.

DerFilm range

The ultimate in high-performance BOPP films with a variety of finishes for virtually any lamination need, including matte, silky matte and gloss. Films are available for wet or thermal bonding, with extra-strong bonding, improved machinability and other features.


  • DerFilm Wet Matte
  • DerFilm Wet Gloss
  • DerFilm Wet Silky Matte
  • DerFilm Thermal Silky Matte
  • DerFilm High Efficiency Thermal Matte
  • DerFilm High Efficiency Thermal Gloss
  • DerFilm High Quality Thermal Matte
  • DerFilm High Quality Thermal Gloss
  • DerFilm ExtraBond Matte
  • DerFilm ExtraBond Gloss

Digi-Stick range

Perhaps the biggest drawback of lamination has always been the tendency of the film to detract from the underlying print. This problem has plagued the graphic arts and packaging design industries for years, particularly when it comes to laminating over dark, rich colors. Derprosa’s Digi-Stick BOPP films are specifically designed with higher bonding strength so that colors remain deep and vibrant, even when laminating over dense inks on digital prints.


  • Digi-Stick DL SoFT TOUcH® Extra Matte
  • Digi-Stick Matte
  • Digi-Stick Anti-Scratch Matte
  • Digi-Stick Anti-Scratch Silky Matte
  • Digi-Stick Gloss

EcoFilm range

The environment is on many consumers’ minds these days, so why not ensure your product packaging communicates your brand’s efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible? Our EcoFilm range is suitable for disposable packaging applications since it is oxo-degradable after approximately 1.5 to 2 years. Combined with BOPP film’s inherent environmentally friendly properties, this is a lamination film your brand can feel proud to use. Available in matte and gloss finishes.

Elegance range

For a multisensory experience, any of our Elegance range of BOPP films is sure to provide the “wow” factor that you are looking for. From metalized films to velvety tactile effects, these will make a statement.


  • Elegance White Opaque
  • Elegance Silver Matte
  • Elegance Silver
  • Elegance Gold Gloss
  • Elegance Luminescence
  • Elegance DL SoFT TOUcH® White
  • Elegance DL SoFT TOUcH® Black
  • Elegance DL SoFT TOUcH® Gold

GSP range

The name says it all: Glueable, Stampable, Printable. Excellent bonding properties for wet or thermal lamination, specially designed with superior adhesion for UV varnish, hot and cold stampings, with a beautiful gloss finish.

DL SoFT TOUcH® range

The original extra-matte BOPP film with a unique, velvety tactile effect that screams luxury. Available for wet or thermal lamination, the standard DL SoFT TOUcH® enhances the original colors.