A Polypropylene Film for Every Graphic Arts Application

High quality polypropylene films, including bi-axially oriented polypropylene or “BOPP” films, offer many advantages when used for lamination in the graphic arts and packaging design. They provide superior strength and optical clarity and offer protection against damage from scuffs, scratches, water damage, oils and gases.

Derprosa’s specialty lines of “BOPP” polypropylene films for the graphic arts

Every graphic arts project is unique and attempts to convey a very particular message to consumers, so why should you be limited to one all-purpose type of polypropylene film? Derprosa offers several ranges of specialty BOPP films specifically designed for the graphic arts industry. Whether you are looking for anti-scratch durability or superior bonding that keeps the colors of your prints true to life, we’re sure you’ll find a polypropylene film to fit your needs.