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29 January, 2020 - 3 July, 2021

From the creators of the premium graphic finish DERPROSATM DLSOFT TOUCH®,

now comes DERPROSATM SANDY MATTE: grainy and smoothly rough.

DERPROSA™ is a pioneer brand in the Graphic Arts sector thanks to the invention, production and distribution of the first lamination film with tactile / haptic properties, the Original and so many times imitated, DERPROSATM DLSOFT TOUCH® ORIGINAL.

Our DLSOFT TOUCH® ORIGINAL and its boutique variants (White, Black, Silver, Gold, Plus, Smudge Resistant, Prestige …) continue to beautify and generate attractiveness for countless pieces of packaging of premium products such as perfumes, cosmetics, personal care, electronics, beverages and countless other markets. Likewise, in the publishing world, DERPROSATM DLSOFT TOUCH® continues to contribute to generating value, differentiation and choice potential to countless literary works that see in our ultra-matte, silky and velvety texture the most impressive and attractive way of dressing their covers and book jackets.

DLSOFT TOUCH® is an icon, a brand, a reference, a premium standard today in the graphic world and the first exponent of Neuromarketing techniques demonstrating that certain homogeneous tactile properties applied to products being manipulated by the consumer during his/her shopping experience largely determines the choice of that product to the detriment of others of the same class which do not have this haptic property.

In line with these evidences of Neuromarketing and with the tactile experience treasured for years, once again DERPROSATM demonstrates that a sensory plus can be given to any printed job with another original brand-new texture: DERPROSATM SANDY MATTE has a ultra-matte finish, excellent transparency and a balanced rough surface combined with a subtly sandy feel.

DERPROSATMSANDY MATTE makes the laminated piece capable of awaken pleasant sensations and evoke the touch of sand, wood or even natural stone. DERPROSATTM SANDY MATTE is becoming the perfect partner to our iconic DERPROSATM DLSOFT TOUCH® ORIGINAL. We already had the soft touch, now we have the rough one, too. DERPROSATMSANDY MATTE is available for printers and laminators in thermal and wet versions, and any graphic designer or brand can request free trials of their designs with our new DERPROSATM SANDY MATTE through our “free4designers” initiative (www.derprosa.com/free -for-designers)

Paper and cardboard products laminated with DERPROSATM films whose raw material is bioriented polypropylene (BOPP), such as DERPROSATM SANDY MATTE, are fully recyclable in the usual paper recycling processes.

For more information: www.derprosa.com | derprosa@ti-films.com

DERPROSATMis a brand of the Taghleef Industries group: www.ti-films.com

(you can download our press release in this link)


29 January
3 July, 2021