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Workshop with ADG FAD about sustainable laminating films

Taghleef Industries – workshop to share the benefits of laminating films: Beyond aesthetics, performance and sustainability.

A significant part of the demand for laminating films for graphic arts goes to secondary packaging. Cases and boxes for products as diverse as perfumes, cosmetics, premium drinks, aromas and accessories for the home or consumer electronics. They are cardboard boxes whose surface is printed with designs, fonts, images and logos and that represent the first point of contact between the final consumer and the brand, between the final decision maker of the purchase (or the user) and the company that competes with many others for its product to be the chosen one.

But the decision of whether or not to use a laminating film is in the hands of graphic design professionals. Graphic designers specialized in packaging have the last word and, unfortunately, many of them do not know much about the advantages and benefits of paper lamination, and they are exposed to the generalized trendy opinion against the use of plastic materials so widespread in society nowadays.

Faced with this situation, we have started a pilot program with the Spanish association ADG FAD, which represents the most important graphic designers in Spain, many of them specialized in packaging, to inform and advise the collective about the responsible use of lamination films, their advantages, the singularities of Derprosa films, sustainable options, recyclability and, above all, answering questions and supporting them in specific projects directly.

On October 27, we participated in a practical face-to-face workshop at the association’s headquarters in Barcelona where we explained, in a practical and friendly way, all the advantages of using Derprosa lamination films (both traditional and sustainable versions) while solving doubts, We showed them real examples and offered our collaboration in their future packaging design projects.

In addition, and taking into account that many other designers could not attend, we took the opportunity to record an interview in which a specialist in sustainable packaging design, Nuria Vila, asked us all the important questions that a professional designer would want to know about the films of lamination, which gave us the opportunity to dismantle myths, defend the benefits of our films and clarify where the difficulties are when using sustainable materials or recycling packaging.

One sentence, shouted out loud, from one of the attendants brings a good summary of the workshop: “Why nobody ever explained all this to us before, this way??? It’s so important!”




Raül Cobos – Marketing & Business Development Manager – Technical films (Derprosa & Syndecor)

Photos: ADG-FAD & Enrique Muda