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We officially launch the most sustainable and versatile range of polypropylene films: Derprosa™ reLIFE™

Four films with 30% of raw material of chemically recycled plastic origin PCR

Derprosa™ reLIFE™ is Taghleef Industries’ version of laminating films that contribute to the reuse of plastic materials that have been previously used by consumers, thus promoting the Circular Economy and less use of fossil-based non-renewable resources.

Derprosa™ reLIFE™ 30 allows the inclusion of chemically recycled raw materials in the manufacture of films for laminating paper and cardboard in graphic arts projects.

For every kilogram of Derprosa™ reLIFE™ 30 films marketed, we are helping to reuse at least 300 grams of plastic waste that would otherwise end up being incinerated or deposited in landfills.

Currently, there are four Derprosa™ films offered in the reLIFE™ 30 version.

Derprosa™ Gloss Premier reLIFE™ 30

Derprosa™ Matte Premier reLIFE™ 30

Derprosa™ DL Soft Touch® Prestige reLIFE™ 30

Derprosa™ Matte DL Pro-Shield™ reLIFE™ 30

Derprosa™ reLIFE™ 30 films are technically identical to traditional films from non-sustainable sources.

Same features

Same machinability

Same quality

Same yield

Same results

Same properties

All Derprosa™ reLIFE™ laminating films offer the same technical characteristics, performance, aesthetics, and quality results as the equivalent versions manufactured entirely 100% traditional fossil materials; in other words, any Derprosa™ reLIFE™ film is essentially the same as it non-reLIFE™ namesake

Chemical recycling process

PCR-Chem is chemically recycled post-consumer plastic material manufactured by ISCC PLUS certified suppliers. Through chemical processes, plastic waste is transformed into its original components, effectively generating polymers which are identical to those that come from fossil sources and which can be used to manufacture Derprosa™ reLIFE™ films.

ISCC PLUS Certificate

Likewise, the manufacturing process of Derprosa™ reLIFE™ films is ISCC PLUS certified. In this way, the entire process is guaranteed, from procuring the raw material to manufacturing each individual roll, with the ability to certify the amount of recycled raw material.

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