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High gloss finish with antiviral and antibacterial properties

15F138 Gloss Antimicrobial Wet

24F238 Gloss Antimicrobial Thermal

24D238 Gloss Antimicrobial Digi-Stick

Special features

  • Antivirus. It reduces coronavirus presence by 84% after 24 hours
  • Antibacterial. It reduces bacteria presence by 99% after 24 hours
  • Tests carried out by independent laboratories according to ISO 21702 and 22196
  • Surfaces laminated with Derprosa Antimicrobial prevent the growth and colonization of microbes
  • Same gloss finish, excellent contact clarity and properties as Derprosa Gloss Premier

Typical applications

  • Hospital communication material and packaging
  • Children’s books
  • Restaurant menus
  • Packaging of personal care products
Specification Sheet

Important notice

The information provided above is based on Taghleef Industries S.L. conclusive tests and experience, which are indicative only and provided as guidelines.

They do not constitute a guarantee of any specific product attributes or the suitability of products for any specific use, purpose or application.

Thorough testing is recommended before running any lamination job.

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