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Milan, once again the capital of luxury and premium packaging

Derprosa by Taghleef Industries will be present at Packaging Première Milan (May 24-26) sponsoring Pentawards and also Plastigraf Trevigiana with Derprosa Nativia bio-based and compostable laminating films.

Packaging Première is the selective exhibition dedicated to designers and manufacturers of luxury packaging as well as to major international brands entrusting the safekeeping of their products to containers bearing the tangible, unmistakable mark of luxury all over the world.

Protecting and speaking of luxury packaging is a world to itself. Packaging expresses itself in evocative, original, surprising shapes and relies on a production chain that is designed to pursue excellence from the processing of raw materials to the finished product.

Secondary packaging in particular, cardboard and gift boxes, are key elements for brands to convey their brand promise, values and essence.

For the purpose of helping brands better protect and enhance their packaging products Derprosa by Taghleef Industries develops and manufactures the most innovative, impactful and advanced laminating films, able to protect and make the product withstand all logistics and distribution activities, at the same time as making it an object of desire out of the shelf.

At Packaging Première Milan 2022, Derprosa by Taghleef Industries will be present by sponsoring Pentawards, the annual competition committed to recognizing excellence in packaging design, providing a source of inspiration and connecting the global community and by supporting our partner Plastigraf Trevigiana as a company of reference in the lamination sector which now will offer, as exclusive, our Derprosa Gloss, Matte and Silver Nativia® laminating films in Italy.

Derprosa Nativia® is a range of laminating films made from renewable resources (PLA – polylactic acid) which are biodegradable and industrially compostable. Now available as transparent gloss, matte and opaque silver gloss finishes.

For further information: derprosa@ti-films.com