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Germ-Free Zone. Derprosa™ BacterStop

BacterStop Films Stop the Spread of Bacteria. Think about how many pieces of printed literature you hold in your hands on a usual day, from a restaurant menu to an airplane safety card to a brochure at your doctor’s office. While we naturally assume that these settings have high standards of hygiene and safety, some items found in these places can contribute to the spread of germs.

Any type of packaging, book, or printed communication—even those that have already been laminated—can allow bacteria to spread from person to person. This is due to bacteria’s ability to survive and multiply on the surface of both paper and the usual graphic arts laminating films. Now more than ever, service providers and their clientele rely on ways to prevent the spread of germs.

More than a decade ago, Taghleef Industries developed a solution for this specific market need. Ti developed Derprosa™ BacterStop lamination films which eliminate more than 99% of bacteria that come into contact with the film surface. BacterStop films are groundbreaking because their antibacterial properties are not simply the result of a coating; instead, they are built into the film itself. This makes them uniquely suited to applications in food service, travel, and the medical field, as well as in schools, childcare, and personal care product packaging.

BacterStop films have the same technical, optical, and mechanical characteristics as Gloss and Matte Premier films by Derprosa. Likewise, they are available in gloss and matte finishes and in digital thermal, normal thermal and wet versions.

According to external testing carried out in accordance with ISO 22196 (measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces), BacterStop halts the proliferation of bacteria by more than 99% on the laminated surface. Additional technology and benefits of the BacterStop range include the following:

  • Bacteria-free no matter how many hands touch the surface
  • Bacteria-fighting properties maintained even when regularly washed or cleaned
  • Active protection for the intended lifetime of the laminated item
  • Effective even in humid environments
  • Odor-free for all applications

Due to the 2020 coronavirus / Covid-19 crisis, at Taghleef Industries we are investigating and testing the performance of our DerprosaTM BacterStop films against other microorganisms such as virus or fungi. We are confident good results will come up to the external tests and trials we are carrying out so that we can soon launch a complete antimicrobial laminating film.

Always ahead of the innovation curve, Taghleef Industries continues to anticipate trends and provide solutions that meet market needs. Today’s heightened awareness and increased demand for safe and hygienic products require innovative films solutions, and BacterStop is up to the challenge.