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Empack Madrid 2022: Derprosa & Pentawards on smart use of plastic.

Round table and seminar: Redesign of packaging and smart use of plastic, when necessary.

– Redesign: There are different options of plastic materials and combinations of them that can solve the same need or “problem”, but not all are equally sustainable. Designers and brands most of the times do not know much about it, and if they knew, they would be able to “redesign” their packaging products accordingly.

– Wise use of plastic: The point here is that “plastic” by itself is not the real problem. The problem is the way we use it, the types we use and what we do with it when we discard packaging after use. There is no alternative to plastic materials for many applications, so in the meantime we discover something better, learning how to have a wiser use of the current plastic materials available is key.

– When needed: in some occasions, a plastic material is not the best option, but in others it is (and for those there are some alternatives more eco-friendly than others).

The topic was developed hand in hand with Fede Reyna, partner and director of strategy and projects of Meteorito Estudio (www.meteoritoestudio.com), one of the leading graphic design studios specialized in packaging, and awarded, in Spain.

It was an enriching experience for everyone, because we involved all the attendees, most of them packaging designers, from the beginning of the talk. Their questions and opinions helped Fede and I, each from his own point of view, to reach very similar conclusions: plastic itself is not the problem, but a resource often misunderstood and undervalued, when in fact it can bring, and does bring, an incalculable value to society.

We all agree that society needs greater awareness and better recycling circuits that really make the most of all the plastic resources that are generated, just as companies, such as Taghleef Industries, continue to move towards making ever more sustainable films, with a smaller carbon footprint and with better possibilities of being recycled.

An exciting new step is already the availability of films with recycled content, such as the reLIFE range or from recycled vegetable oils, BioPP.