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Diseños NT & Derprosa Antimicrobial. A success story

A success story

We have been immersed in an exceptional situation for more than a year, threatening our health and wellness, due to an invisible virus that spreads and infects in a dizzying way. In this time, we have been forced to change habits and pay much more attention to hygiene and the contact of our hands with any object.

Vaccines have arrived, but perhaps some of the new habits and precautions are here to stay, including the awareness about the ability of surfaces to maintain and allow the reproduction of microbes, germs and pathogens.

In response to this need, Taghleef Industries developed the Derprosa Antimicrobial laminating film, effective against both viruses and bacteria, without side effects, easy to apply, in gloss and matte versions and with a long-lasting effect.

Paper and cardboard products of all kinds are being laminated with Derprosa Antimicrobial, from business cards to restaurant menus, book and magazine covers to safety sheets for airlines.

Today we want to highlight a special collaboration with Diseños NT (www.notejido.com), the leading company in the manufacture of surgical masks in Spain.

We have all used and will continue to use masks. It is a demanded and necessary product that is distributed from the factory to the consumer, going through “many hands” in the process, from the printing press, the transport systems, filling, storage, distribution again, until it reaches the final consumer, someone like you or me.

This success story exemplifies how the sensitivity of this manufacturer, Diseños NT, goes beyond its own product, ensuring greater protection for the packaging in which its masks are distributed.

Diseños NT mask boxes laminated with Derprosa Gloss Antimicrobial films guarantee the absence of viruses and bacteria on their surface, no matter how many hands they have passed through. Thus, the masks will protect against contagion by air, and the boxes will prevent it by contact thanks to Derprosa Antimicrobial.