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Derprosa™ focuses on sustainability

Derprosa is a brand of lamination films for paper. We are effectively talking about plastic films given that most of them are made from polypropylene.

It is true that manufacturers like us and society as a whole are becoming more and more aware of the environmental problems caused by inadequate management of plastic waste so that,  when not properly handled at the end of its life, it can end up uncontrolled in Nature.

Plastics is a remarkable material which is used to protect and guarantee the highest level of safety and hygiene. However, its mismanagement is one reason why we find it in our environment.  Better awareness, support and cooperation is needed at all levels by consumers, society, and public service.

As a responsible industrial manufacturer and as a good corporate citizen, Taghleef Industries believes we must deploy all the technical and technological measures within our power to optimize all our manufacturing processes. This includes the reuse of our own by-products and the production of increasingly thinner films so that we end up manufacturing the same high-quality films while using less resources. Furthermore, we have developed technology for PP based films which makes the recycling process easier as well as introduced films made of new raw materials such as polylactic acid which is made from 100% vegetable sources and is biodegradable.

It is important to highlight that lamination films for graphic art make the printed products more resistant, therefore extending their shelf life. Besides, paper products laminated with Derprosa’s biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films are completely recyclable in traditional paper recycling processes because the film can be separated from the paper and both materials can be recycled separately. The alternative process to lamination would be varnishing, but in the latter case not only would some of the properties provided by lamination be lacking, but also the recycling process of paper would be more complicated as the varnish cannot be separated from paper.

And yet there’s more that Derprosa can add.  In addition to our core portfolio of BOPP films and BOPLA solutions for lamination, we have developed films which contain recycled post-consumer resin and are included in Ti’s reLIFE portfolio.

These films with PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) content support the use of mixed plastic waste that, at the end of its life, is not suitable to enter any recycling stream. By way of a pyrolysis process carried out by some petrochemical companies, the waste can eventually become resin to be used to manufacture new products.

reLIFE is Taghleef’s intersegment portfolio of recycled polypropylene solutions for various applications that brings new life to used materials which promotes saving of resources and aligns with the Circular Economy principles. This includes packaging and labeling solutions with either PCR (chemically or mechanically recycled) content or RPG (reprocessed granules) in which Ti’s range of PCR-CHEM films are ISCC Plus Certified.

NATIVIA®: A range of films made from renewable resources (PLA – polylactic acid) which are biodegradable and industrially compostable. 

Derprosa ceased production of oxo-degradable films long before international regulations requested that manufacturers abandon such solutions.

Backed by organizations, laboratories and our industrial partners, and making the most of the synergy between the multiple divisions of Taghleef Industries, we continue working to optimize and improve our processes. Together we can reduce our environmental impact whilst not only improving our products but also our relationship with society.

If you want to find out more about our recyclability certificates, our raw materials, our commitment to the environment or have any other query, don’t hesitate to contact us.