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Derprosa by Taghleef Industries in Printing United Las Vegas

Derprosa Specialty Films USA showcasing and running-live the most advanced laminating films for Graphic Arts jointly with Autobond and Best Graphics!

It has been a while since Printing United’s last show in 2019. Oh, who would have thought of the tough times we went through just a couple of months later and then for the next two years.

2020 and 2021 brought out the best in us and showed what we are made of. But now, – although we still face some fallout with the supply chain – those days seem to be water under the bridge.

Finally, this year we again have the opportunity to reconnect and catch up with old friends in Las Vegas. It seems that life is inviting us to play it smart and go for the jackpot by 2023, right? In that spirit, this year Derprosa has decided to go big and deal the game the way it should when you are dealt with two aces.

We are proud to exhibit alongside two companies that are committed to the highest standards of quality in their products and customer service, just like us.

We are honored and grateful for the opportunity to showcase our specialty laminating films with Autobond on one side and Best Graphics on the other.

Working together has shown us that Derprosa laminating films, when used on second-to-none laminating equipment like the ones each of our co-exhibitors have, will exploit their full potential as they help the machines reach their full production capacity, significantly increasing the happiness and productivity of our mutual customers.

But we do not want you to take our word for it, we invite you to see for yourselves and witness what our films, hand in hand with each of our partners’ machines, can achieve.

We will be delighted to welcome our friends, customers and colleagues once again at this Printing United 2022 at Autobond-Derprosa booth N101, and at Best Graphics-Taghleef booth N561.

Printing United Las Vegas 2022: www.printingunited.com

Autobond: www.autobondlaminating.com

Best Graphics: www.bestgraphics.net