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Derprosa: 2 Laus 2021 awards, Corporate Identity and Promotion Element

On June 10, the Laus 2021 awards ceremony was held and among the more than 1000 projects presented by 10 nationalities, Derprosa has achieved two of the most important:

Every year the ADG Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication recognize the best projects in more than 50 sections of five categories:

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital
  • Advertising
  • Audiovisual
  • Students

The Laus promote design, project its cultural and economic importance for society, and support the professional graphic design environment.

These are prizes awarded by a professional jury made up of internationally renowned graphic designers, specialists in each discipline, with relevance not only at the national level (Spain), but also with European, Latin American and global recognition and projection.

The Laus Awards, starting in 1964, mark the taking of a professional, business and public awareness clearly committed to the new world currents of graphic design and visual communication.

Originally, the Laus awards rewarded the client and the author of the work, indistinctly, because it was considered that the conjunction of the two profiles was necessary to achieve a well done work . The award was for both and they collected it. This changed a few years ago and now only the author of the work is awarded.

However, we, Taghleef Industries, maintain that original spirit of the Laus awards and we feel as awarded as the agency, Plácida and its creative director Javier Zamora, who have devised and executed the change of identity for Derprosa as well as all the work of brand architecture, product portfolio, packaging.

We have worked together. Javier has been able to capture what we wanted and what was and is the essence of our work and the purpose of what we do. With this in mind, he has created our own visual, aesthetic and language system with which we feel more than identified.

These two Laus awards confirm that we are working in the right direction, by showing our essence as a company and as a brand, being able to not only design and manufacture excellent films for designers and brands to create their designs, providing exceptional finishes such Derprosa films, but it is also the graphic designers themselves who recognize the sensitivity that Taghleef Industries has towards their work, by rewarding our new corporate identity and our new promotional elements.

Our raison d´être is to be useful to brands and the final user. Graphic designers are in charge of giving physical shape to imagination and dreams, and Derprosa films have contributed since 1988, and will continue to contribute, to ensuring that those dreams, converted into packaging and editorial pieces, always have the best finish.

We are immensely honored and grateful for these two awards. With no doubt, they will be a magnificent incentive to continue on this path, close and connected with graphic design and the arts.