Luxury Bags: A Critical Element in Brand Image and Customer Experience

luxury bags

Although most customers don’t gives shopping bags a second thought most of the time (not consciously, anyway), branded packaging like this is a significant element in the customer experience, and one of the few elements that luxury brands can control outside their stores and website. Upscale retailers understand the importance of communicating their brand’s standards through luxury shopping bags, and the luxury bags of several of these brands have established their bags as iconic for consumers of premium products.

Luxury bags are carried by customers throughout shopping centers, through parking lots and in larger cities where walking and public transit are common, these shopping bags serve as walking advertising for the brand miles away from their actual retail location. The higher quality a bag is, the less likely it is to be disposed of by the customer at home, meaning a luxury bag has the potential to increase brand recall.

It is therefore extremely important for in-store luxury packaging, including shopping bags, garment boxes, etc. to reflect the brand’s imagery and quality.

Designing iconic luxury packaging

There are many design elements that must be taken into account when creating a luxury bag that will create a positive association between consumers and the brand, including shape and proportion, color, text and typography, handle type, material type, weight and finish.

Consumers typically expect luxury shopping bags to be somewhat durable, and lamination with polypropylene film is an excellent way to make these bags more resistant to moisture, oils, scratches and scuffs. At the same time, high quality films also complement the packaging design by preserving or enhancing the original colors, providing a colored film that can be printed or stamped on, creating eye-catching visual effects, and giving the bag a finish that fits the overall aesthetic of the brand.

Achieving the proper finish for your luxury bag is extremely important for reflecting the look and feel of your brand; a plain white bag with black text in a high gloss finish, for example, attracts a very different customer profile than the same bag in a velvety, extra matte finish.

Bulgari: bold luxury as told through packaging

A bold luxury bag from Bulgari is cleverly designed to mimic an alligator skin handbag and is laminated with one of Derprosa’s premium BOPP films. The rich black color on this shopping bag can only be obtained from high quality films with high bonding strength, and the packaging design team from this brand has chosen their favorite from the many different finishes we carry.

Gucci: sumptuous yet understated luxury bags

Equally famous designer brand Gucci has taken a completely different approach to Packaging for bags, aligning the design of their luxury shopping bag with the brand’s aesthetic with a look that is understated but feels 100% luxe. Laminating textured prints like this one requires high quality polypropylene films, and this brand’s packaging design team had their choice from the many different finishes offered by Derprosa which also provide the necessary bonding for superior results.

Charles Ellner: subtly whimsical luxury bag

This famous brand of champagne wisely makes use of luxury bags to continue the customer’s experience well after they have left the store. A whimsical line drawing of protagonist found on the brand’s iconic label, which is subtle and contemporary in black and white, laminated with one of Derprosa’s premium BOPP films. Polypropylene is extremely popular in the food and beverage industry, not only for luxury bags and premium packaging, but also for packaging that is in direct contact with food.

Endless design possibilities for luxury bags and packaging

No matter what look you want to achieve with your luxury packaging design in order to reflect your brand’s standards and improve brand recognition and recall, we’re sure that your shopping bags and garment boxes would benefit from one of our premium quality polypropylene films. From a luminescent, metallized effect without the need for metallic inks, to a rich, luxurious tactile sensation or simply the best matte or gloss finish that maintains the richness and intensity of your brand’s colors, Derprosa has a film to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. The lamination on your luxury bags is, quite literally, the finishing touch, so it should be approached with the same care and consideration as every other aspect of your brand identity.